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Learn how professionals get the award winning shot!  This  “HandPics” series  of  educational  cards  for wedding  photographers  is  produced  by  the highly regarded photographer Michael  Greenberg. Almost every shot in this particular deck has received critical acclaim or have won awards. Michael shares his experience, secrets, and ideas behind some of his most famous photographs.  HandPics educational cards are designed to inspire and serve as a great introduction to Michael’s distinct photography style. There are 45 images with descriptions, explanations and handy tips.

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Embrace flash and take your photographs to the next level with this exciting series, FlashForward!  This series of educational cards for wedding photographersis produced by the award winning photographer Michael Greenberg. You’ll learn how to use flash on the go in almost any kind of environment or time of day, and it will help you produce smart photographs.  The images presented here were selected to show a variety of situations wedding photographers encounter during the shoot. Therefore, you will see examples with one, two or free flashes, bounced flash, mixed flash with natural light, direct sun with flash etc. Michael made sure that all the examples are easy to use and do not require complicated setup. Most of the images where shot on the go in a very fast paced environment. Majority of the images are award winning photographs.  There are 45 images with descriptions, explanations, valuable tips and lighting diagrams.

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Learn even more with the FlashForward Volume 2 series of cards. This collection of cards is about using flash on the go and in almost any kind of environment. Michael Greenberg will explain and demystify the techniques of using flash in every setting. See how Michael created some of the most unique shots. Just like in FlashForward Volume 1 Most of the images were shot in a very fast paced environment. Majority of the images are award winning photographs. There are 45 images with descriptions, explanations and valuable tips and lighting diagrams.

Original price: $79 

Now: $45


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Flash Forward cards review 1

Flash Froward cards review 2


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Karlygash - Dear Michael,

My name is Karlygash and i am from Kazakhstan.

I want to order three decks for 90 usd. Can you send it to me to Kazakhstan? If so, what could be the approximate price for the shipment (price and the time of delivery from the least expensive)?


Michael Greenberg - Dear Karlygash,
I was trying to reply to your message but it appear to be invalid. Please let me know your correct email address. We have last set available for you.

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