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E-Session Lighting in Toronto!

From all the back and forth between Montreal and Toronto I finally have some time to sit down and share some of the photos I’ve been taking.

These frames come from my most recent engagement session in Toronto ON Canada. I shot the entire session with just one flash in my left hand – as a wedding photographer you sometimes don’t need more than that.

Normally the couple wants a style or certain aesthetic, so as a professional I try to accommodate their wishes while still trying to diversify their photo session.

These two were not the ‘in front of camera kissy types’ which I knew right off the bat, so no tongue touching in this e-session! Although I was invited to photograph them in a less formal way in their downtown hotel room.

As you can see the couple were extremely flexible with all the experimenting I did and it goes to show how one flash, the sb 900 in my case, is all you really need to achieve simple and clean lighting. Afterwards it’s in your hands and you’ll have to find ways to be creative and come up with your own ideas. That’s a big one to dive into right now so we’ll have to save it for next time!

Interested in the lighting perhaps? Well most of my techniques with one flash are identified in detail in my wedding educational tutorial flash cards found here –> Wedding Anatomy Store

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Toronto Wedding Photography - Just lovely. Some beautiful moments in a terrific venue. Thanks for sharing.

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It’s Official My Photography Cards Have Arrived

You read it right my fellow budding photographers, my photography educational cards are now officially on sale!

They can be purchased here on my Wedding Anatomy Store page.

The first 80 photographers to purchase my card sets will get their hands on them at a discounted rate, so jump on it while you still can.

Arm yourself with loads of tips and info that come with the convenient portability of a deck of cards.

Beginners could have a instant reference to help build their technical skills and improve their critical thinking.

Pros you can challenge your approaches and explore different methods of seeing things, therefore boosting your creativity and versatility.

The handy card sets are for all levels so whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro the information could be deemed invaluable : ]

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Coming Soon: My Photography Educational Cards!

In about a week’s time I will have my hands on three beautifully printed decks of varying photography levels from novice to pro.  On the back of every card there will be a hands on personal explanation about how I achieved the shot, along with its lighting breakdown, then followed by key tips I think are important to moving your photography forward.

Here is a sneak peek below of what’s to come…




Stay tuned on Wedding Anatomy, because they will be available for purchase here!

Also connect with us on Facebook to stay updated with our daily news here —>



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Makeup and Photoshop or Photoshop-makeup!

For over 6 thousand years, women have been using makeup.
Originating in Egypt, eye makeup was thought to protect against evil, but quickly turned into a beauty enhancement product, favored by nobles and peasants alike.
The makeup fashion has spread to different parts of the world being used for ceremonial, traditional, theatrical, and seductive purposes and is still growing strong today.
In fact, make up has become a necessity and a commodity but, most importantly, it has changed the way we perceive beauty.

Starting at a very young age girls are taught to appreciate makeup. Hello Kitty’s candy is packaged in a 4 eye-shades kit. Cartoon characters and toys wear makeup and there is even an edible makeup for children!
All the gorgeous models that we see today, whether in magazines, movies or even in very natural “Dove” TV commercials, are artistically enhanced. We say, “she has a very natural make up I like that”. We say, think, and most of us believe that makeup makes women look even more beautiful.
In my 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, I have never seen a bride without makeup. Professionally applied makeup is a great compliment to any woman, especially on her wedding day.

Then what about professional Photoshop?
With Photoshop, I can make anyone look like they have alabaster skin, perfect natural makeup and no imperfections of any kind. I want to share with you an image I found on the internet. These girls are gorgeous to begin with. This is a great example of how professional makeup and Photoshop intensify existing beauty.

In the wedding industry, Photoshop has no boundaries. It is the makeup of post production. Often it is not the photographer who decides on the very specific modifications. Blemishes are the first to be removed, followed by smoother skin, rosier glow, fewer lines and so on. I once had a client, who asked me to make her look younger. “How much younger?” I asked, only to realize that I shouldn’t have. Without hesitation, she replied “20 years younger!”. It sounded like a challenge and I begun intensively retouching her skin and getting rid of the facial pores. I quickly learned, that the more I reduced her age so to speak, the more plastic looking my client became. I realized, I needed more skill.

In the meantime, my passion for fashion photography grew and with it my eagerness to learn everything there is about Photoshop and high-end retouching.
Fashion is now a major component in my wedding photography. I want to be able to complement my images with professional retouching skills and above all, I want to make sure I can help my clients with their beauty-image in the most natural way.
I will retouch an image as long as it takes to achieve the desirable result, which is a beautiful photograph that looks like its hasn’t been retouched!

I’m not a judge of what’s right or wrong, I am a professional that  is driven by everything beautiful.

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Wedding Photography Will Never Be the Same – Cozumel Mexico Workshop!

Please allow me to transport you to one of my recent wedding photography workshops in beautiful Cozumel Island in Mexico. If you have never been to Cozumel then you better pack your bags and go! Seriously it’s just that wonderful.

However my story is not about the crystal clear waters of the island, not about the beautiful beaches, and not about great food and beautiful weather (did I miss anything else?).

My story is how I became a morph. Yes you read it correctly. It is about how a photography teacher became a morph and how beneficial it could be to your everyday photography business.

Everything started when a photographer named Bojan came to me and introduced himself during my workshops in Greece. Little did I know, this young man was supervising a multi-million dollar photography department situated in the open sea spanning 22 huge cruise ships. They would sail all over the world and carry an average of 4000 people per ship. Frankly, I don’t know any photography studio/department could deal with this kind of volume of work. And I can only imagine the amount of stress and business decisions Bojan has to deal with at every second of the day. Bojan, I tip my hat off to you!

To make a long story short, this brilliant young man organized a workshop for his top 12 photographers from across the planet and brought them to Cozumel Island in Mexico.
So, do you want to know how a big corporation like Carnival Cruise Line educates their employees?

They rented huge multi-million dollar villa where we all stayed. We had our own private access to the beach. We had 2 chefs that cooked every single one of our meals, served it to us, and cleaned up after us. We had a lot of beer, I mean a lot!! We had unlimited amount of wine and everything else you can think of.
But we worked a lot!! After my 7-8 hour presentation Bojan continued with his, for another 2-3 hours. After that we partied and drunk like crazy by the pool. And here is where my morph story comes into the play. This is me in a morph suit. Everyone had his own outfit. After a certain level of alcohol you just put it on and party like crazy:)

Take a look at the short video below and you will understand.

The next morning at 8 a.m. it was mandatory to get up and do some physical activity with Bojan, who by the way is in great shape and made us sweat like crazy during a 40 minute intensive workout. After that we swam for about 20 minutes in the ocean, while the chefs prepped up a delicious breakfast for us.

Sounds like fun?

I’m thinking of organizing something like this, it will be the ultimate photography boot camp. Four to five days of intensive training and partying. There will be mandatory exercising, swimming or running, a lot of studying during the day, and partying at night. If time permits, maybe some diving, fishing, sailing, and or seafood tasting. 12 people max? Let me know your thoughts.

I would like to give a special thank you to Bojan for this amazing opportunity. I would love to say thank you to the entire team that attended my program for 2 days and made me re-evaluate the meaning of what hard work is all about. And if you ever decide to get married on the ship you can trust them, they are pros just like those of us who prefer to make a living on dry land.

This guy lived on the property. I think he was the owner of the place. He was worshiping the sun the entire week!
Find me here if you can! 5% discount for future workshops
This is one of my students. Looks like Rambo!
Students studying.. I loved how dedicated they were.
Our beautiful villa which can accommodate 12+ people.


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