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Photo Deconstructed

Photography by Phototerra Studio a Toronto based Wedding Photography Studio Photographed at the Shaar ha Shomaim in Montreal this shot was taken during the Mezinka—a traditional dancing celebration that takes place when a family’s last child is married off to form a new Jewish home. To get this shot I used a slow shutter about […]

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It’s Official My Photography Cards Have Arrived

You read it right my fellow budding photographers, my photography educational cards are now officially on sale! They can be purchased here on my Wedding Anatomy Store page. The first 80 photographers to purchase my card sets will get their hands on them at a discounted rate, so jump on it while you still can. […]

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Coming Soon: My Photography Educational Cards!

In about a week’s time I will have my hands on three beautifully printed decks of varying photography levels from novice to pro.  On the back of every card there will be a hands on personal explanation about how I achieved the shot, along with its lighting breakdown, then followed by key tips I think […]

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Spider Holster System

I’m not your typical product review guy, but when I stumble upon something interesting and ingenious, well… I become a product ambassador! It’s all about the Spider Camera Holster! Now before I go any further, I just want to clarify one thing; I have not been paid or sponsored to write about the Spider Camera […]

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