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Case Study: Casting shadows

Today’s case study is all about controlling the shadows we can cast on our subject by firing flash through objects. To illustrate that concept, my idea for this case study was to position my bride under a branch of thorns to create some sort of crown-like accessory atop her head: ISO 320; f8.0; 1/400 sec at 48mm The light was aimed through […]

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Case Study: Shadows and High Contrast

Today’s case study is a throw back to an earlier post I made on here about exposing for highlights. You can read that here. To create this image, I had the bride in the background in the sunlight and the groom in the shade: ISO 200; f11; 1/400 sec at 24mm Here I had my […]

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Case Study: Leveraging time and resources

  You might be surprised to learn there is only one flash with a CTO gel that illuminates both subjects here: The flash is coming from camera left, held on a monopod by my assistant, set to TTL and triggered remotely. The majority of the emitted light is falling on the bride, however a little bit of […]

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Case Study: Dragging the shutter

I was lucky with this shot. It all happened within a second: 1/8 of a second, to be exact: ISO 2500; f5.6; 1/8 sec zoomed from 24mm This is one of those key moments where you have to be aware of what’s happening around you. If I wasn’t, I would have missed the dancing finale. My […]

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