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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Case Study: Dragging the shutter

I was lucky with this shot. It all happened within a second: 1/8 of a second, to be exact: ISO 2500; f5.6; 1/8 sec zoomed from 24mm This is one of those key moments where you have to be aware of what’s happening around you. If I wasn’t, I would have missed the dancing finale. My […]

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Case study: the 2 minute studio

Today’s case study is actually from an impromptu photoshoot for a new collection, but it was done so fast and easily that the techniques can be applied to a wedding as well. ISO 400; f8.0; 1/200 sec at 55mm Two lights were used here: one was on the bride from left, bounced off an umbrella; […]

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  This was an instant moment so I had to react quickly. I had a CTO (Color Temperature Orange) gel on my flash, which was attached to my camera via TTL sync cord and held slightly above camera right: I quickly exposed for the girl’s hair which gave me 2 full stops below current surrounding […]

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Case Study: F8 + Walking back

I always say that the way I shoot and the resulting style depends on the couple in front of me. The couple in today’s case study is young and fashion oriented, therefore I shot with more of an editorial feel than a traditional e-session: Here, I’m slowly walking backwards to keep an ideal distance between the […]

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