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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Lighting Aesthetics

Today I’ll discuss some images I captured a few seconds apart, shot in exactly the same corner. One of these images was shot with flash, the other two with available light. None of these images are worse or better, they are only different aesthetics. I’ve said before that there is no bad light, only the light that tells your story. With one light […]

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Bruce Gilden on Judging Photography

While I’ve only recently become acquainted with photographer Bruce Gilden, what I’ve seen has impressed me. If you haven’t heard of him, you’ll want to check him out. Gilden is a photographer who uses off camera flash to do close up portraits of people on the streets and he is one of the edgiest street […]

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The votes have been counted…

And by a landslide, it turns out most of you want to know how I made the image that appears on the cover of my new Quick Start Guide to Flash (get your copy at the link above on the left): Well a deal’s a deal… So here’s how: The primary technique used here was being constantly […]

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