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Monthly Archives: May 2015


  Today’s post is a bit of a journal on using some of the techniques I have been talking about the last few weeks. These images were created over the course of a day at one of Montreal’s synagogues with an orthodox jewish couple.  Using only a 24-70mm lens on my Nikon D3s camera and […]

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One flash can can make all the difference…

Ordinary scenes become extraordinary with the help of just one off camera flash. This image was shot in a downtown hotel room where the bride had a lot of her things in disarray. The bride was in a separate room having her make-up done, which led to this scene: To achieve maximum depth of field, […]

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OFF Camera Flash in a hurry

The season has kicked into high gear now with all the usual rushing around, and in the photo we’ll look at today, the bride was also in a bit of a rush, with the groom not too far behind: Our bride this day was extremely ecstatic yet graceful. We were out in an old part of […]

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Lessons from an editorial shoot

OK, let’s see how far we can take this notion of getting creative and experimental today. This photo was from a high-end editorial shoot for a magazine. I had one key light firing from camera right at a 45 degree angle, and I had a second light firing at a lower power from behind the […]

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Don’t be shy!

I love this image: The interior of the car was lit by daylight and the couple was lit by off-camera flash, aimed over my shoulder while I framed the bride and groom through the rear-view mirror (it sounds more awkward than it actually was). I also used a slow shutter speed to deliberately add a […]

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